Hey Reiki Lady

"I appreciate all the work you have done and are doing and will do. I am so happy I got connected with you. I think it's really cool that we are exploring unknown territory together and it feels AMAZING to not have to figure this all out on my own. I will forever be grateful. Thank you for being such an important part of my journey with my new business."

Hey Reiki Lady is a Canadian wellness startup. It offers in person treatments such as reiki sessions, wellness life coaching and yoga classes but also digital products such as guided meditations and wellness courses.

Ashley Milne, who started Hey Reiki Lady approached us to design a website around her vision for the services she wanted to provide. Together we went through the whole extent of her business plan so that we could design the website around a holistic visitor experience that catered to maximising site experience but also drive sales and bookings for her services.

Ashley already had a general idea of what she wanted to offer, but was still in the process of finalising the way she wanted to provide her services, given the possibility for online learning and e-commerce that a website would open up to her. As we began presenting mock-up designs of the website, Ashley was able to see first-hand what new possibilities were unlocked to her through the use of a website, and so she pivoted to a more online version of her previously in-person business model.