Show them you're the one they've been looking for.

thebergdesign was started with the idea that you have to get specific to stand out.

Everyone, not just actors, is made up of a personality, character traits and a physical appearance unique and specific to them.This is our essence.

It's your

way in.

Instead of staying general, trying to appeal to every role but mastering none, go all in on marketing yourself for roles that match your essence, so casting directors can't help but see you as the natural choice for that role.

We design your entire website around this essence, so that casting directors, agents and managers are surrounded by it from the moment they open your website.

Show agents and managers that you can hit a bullseye on how the industry sees you and watch how quick they want to work with you.

Once you're in, you make your own path.

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At thebergdesign, the person behind the berg is Cillian Sheahan, an actor and law graduate based in London, UK. He started studying acting in Paris at the BAW Studio and later in New York City at the Susan Batson Studio. Wanting to get ahead fast, he made sure to research how casting directors, agents and managers work, in order to help move his own career forward.
Having designed his own acting website based on everything he had learned, he approached an agency for representation by sending them his new website. The agency gave him a meeting, in which they offered to sign him.
He realised that he could combine his interest in web design and acting to create a web design project that caters specifically to actors.

Cillian helps actors unlock a fast track to getting representation and targeting the right casting directors, so that no one has to feel like they are sending self-tapes and emails into a black hole.